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(08) 9584 2962

772 Pinjarra Rd, Furnissdale (Mandurah)

Servicing Western Australia


(08) 9584 2962

Servicing Western Australia
Address: 772 Pinjarra Rd, Furnissdale

Pool & Spa Fencing

Keep your family safe with our pool and spa fencing. Compliant to fit Western Australia’s pool fencing requirements, our fences are beautiful and unique. 

We have two options for you to choose from:

  • Powdercoated Aluminum Fencing 
  • Natural Bamboo Fencing

Pool Fencing Requirements in Western Australia:

  • Minimum of 1200mm high
  • Maximum of 100mm gaps between posts/panels
  • Maximum of 100mm off the ground
  • Gates must be self closing and self latching
  • Gates must open outwards from the pool
  • No climbable objects within 1200mm of the fence
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