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Decking – HardieDeck

Huts & Decks WA are your local supplier and trusted installer of HardieDeck™.

It’s a durable, modern alternative to timber decking, made from James Hardie’s premium fibre cement. Being termite, rot and fire resistant, its also backed up by a 10 year warranty. 

Visit our display centre to see them in action and for inspiration on your next home project. 

Synthetic deck


Built to last

Designed to stay strong as it ages. Resistant to damage from moisture and termites.

Certified "non-combustible"

Can be used in bushfire areas up to BAL-FZ. Safe for use around fire pits.

Smooth and sturdy

With concealed screws and solid, splinter-free boards, you can walk & play in comfort.

Try before you buy!

Visit our Display Centre for free take home samples.


Can HardieDeck™ decking be installed low to the ground?

Yes. HardieDeck™ can be installed as low as 150mm from the ground. 

Can HardieDeck™ be installed in bushfire prone areas?

Yes. HardieDeck™ boards are made of premium fibre cement which is “deemed non-combustible” under Australia’s National Construction Code and suitable for even the highest bushfire attack levels. 

Is HardieDeck™ suitable around pools and in coastal areas?

Pools and spas can be punishing on decks. Repeated cycles of baking hot sun and soaking from pool water makes them vulnerable to rot and fading. Just the type of damage HardieDeck™ is designed to resist.

What is HardieDeck™ made of?

The HardieDeck™ system provides a highly durable low maintenance deck, with a modern contemporary appearance.

It combines specially machined 19mm thick fibre cement decking boards with a specifically designed aluminium Fast-track fixing system that provides the concealed fastening mechanism.

What lengths do HardieDeck™ boards come in?

HardieDeck™ boards and edging boards come in 3m lengths, and weigh around 19kg per board.

Can I install HardieDeck™ without the Fast-track fixing system?

HardieDeck™ is only warranted if it is installed with the Fast-track fixing system. This fixing system is specifically designed to provide additional strength and durability and cannot be omitted or substituted with any other fixing system. 

How hot will the surface get?

HardieDeck™ boards will heat up slower than a typical deck, but will retain heat for longer.

The paint colour selected will affect the surface temperature of HardieDeck™. Darker paint colours usually absorb more heat than lighter shades or a clear seal option.

Will HardieDeck™ expand/contract as it heats/cools?

Similar to most fibre cement products, HardieDeck™ will expand as it heats and contract as it cools; however, the amount of expansion and contraction is minimal compared to other decking materials.

What should be done when re-sealing HardieDeck™?

When re-sealing, ensure that the surface is properly cleaned – sweep away all dirt and debris then wash the surface to remove any oil and grease spots. Apply masking tape over the snap-in cover strips prior to painting or remove the snap-in cover strips and replace them with new cover strips after re-painting. 

How easily does the sealed surface of HardieDeck™ scratch?

Paving sealers are designed to be trafficable and have a higher resistance to wear and tear than architectural paints. However, they are not impervious to scratching and marking. It is recommended to use protective mats, furniture pads or rubber stops on the bottom of the outdoor furniture and minimise dragging heavy objects such as furniture, barbeques or planter stands. 

How should I clean my HardieDeck™?

HardieDeck™ should be washed with a soft bristle broom and warm soapy water regularly. In particularly dirty environments, dry sweep regularly to avoid scratching from dirt and debris.

What warranty is offered for HardieDeck™ system?

The HardieDeck™ system is warranted for a period of 10 years.

HardieDeck™ photos