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DIY Bali Huts
DIY Bali Huts
DIY Bali Huts

Huts FAQS:

Why choose Huts & Decks WA?

Our team is passionate about the products we supply and we are dedicated to supporting you through your hut project, by offering friendly service and easy-to-follow information. You will speak directly to our carpenters so you can be confident that you are getting professional advice.

Where are your materials sourced from?

Huts & Decks WA is committed to the environment and our timbers are all from sustainable Australian plantations. Our thatch and bamboo is imported from Africa and Indonesia.

Where are the hut kits manufactured?

Our carpentry team manufactures your kit directly in our Mandurah, WA, workshop. You are not buying a pre-fabricated kit from us.

Is the timber provided treated?

Yes, all timbers are treated to Australian standards to protect your hut from rot, termites and borers.

Is the thatch fire retardant?

Natural thatch is not resistant to fire, however there is a Fire Retardant thatch available for an additional cost. A rooftop sprinkler is a simple alternative for added protection.

What size is the thatch spacings?

We use 80 -100mm spacings.

How long can I expect the thatch to last before replacement?

Weather conditions which will impact on the life of the thatch are variable, but your thatch should last for 10 to 12 years before it requires replacement.

Is staining necessary?

Our Australian climate is challenging for exterior timbers. We provide our huts pre-stained and recommend re-staining at times to prevent your hut timbers from splitting and fading. We have tested and researched many products and are pleased to provide a premium, high quality, water-based Balinese timber stain with every hut purchase for your future use.

Is hardware provided?

Yes, we supply all the screws, nails, drill bits and driver bits you will need to construct you hut. All fixings are galvanised for protection from rust.

How many friends will I need to assist me with the installation?

We recommend at least one mate to help out with holding the timbers in place during construction, and two mates for the larger huts.

What tools will I need for the hut kit construction?

  • Hammer
  • Saw (Hand saw, Chain Saw or Power Saw)
  • Cordless Drill
  • Ladder
  • Pliers
  • Hose
  • Rake
  • Shovel
  • Level
  • Set Square (not essential)
  • Measuring Tape
  • Pencils/Markers

What pitch is the hut roof?

Our hut roof pitch is 33° to ensure adequate waterproofing and for ease of construction.

A steeper roof pitch can cause difficulties during the building process and a lower pitch may compromise the waterproofing.

Are instructions provided?

Yes, we will provide you with a set of easy guidelines in both video & PDF format via email when you have collected your hut. You are also welcome to phone support from our carpentry team.

Do we need a building approval?

You will need to check with your local council as they each have their own building requirements.

Your hut kit is provided with a set of drawings to help you with any building applications.

All timbers on our DIY Huts comply with building regulations.

How long before our order will be ready?

Your Hut Kit will be ready for pickup within 2 – 3 weeks.

Can you arrange delivery of my kit?

Yes, we can deliver within the metropolitan area.

For deliveries outside the metropolitan area, you will need to arrange for a pick up from our Mandurah based workshop.

Is there a warranty on the kits?

The hut posts have a 15 year guarantee against rot and termites.

The structural warranty on the hut timbers is 5 years.

Our friendly team is happy to provide phone support for any other customer issues.

Can you arrange installation?

Yes. Our carpenters also manufacture the kits, so will be happy to construct them onsite for you if you are unable to carry out the installation yourself.

See installation info and map area


How long will it take to erect the hut?

There are several variables in each hut, such as whether the posts are in-ground which requires concrete setting time and whether a deck is also being installed. Generally speaking, a small hut may be erected in a day but usually 2 – 3 days will be a sufficient time-frame.

Can I view the huts before purchasing?

Yes. Huts & Decks WA welcomes customers to visit our display centre in Mandurah, WA.